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Left to Right Colors: Forest Green (silk), Fern, Natural, Sage, Sweet Potato, Burgundy, Purple, Black, Blue, Light Navy, Teal (silk), Indigo (silk)
  • New colors:  Gold and Plum Raw Silk

Deluxe Washable Zabuton Case + Pillow Insert


Product Description

Our Deluxe Zabuton is made with an extra layer of wool batting for greater cushion, loft and ultimate meditation comfort. The extra padding is ideal for those with ankle or knee issues, or if you're meditating on a hard surface.

Our Zabutons are handmade using the same organic cotton or raw silk material that we cover our Meditation Benches and Zafus with — order together for a matching set! The eco-wool filling creates a light resilient cushion perfect for under a meditation bench or pillow.

Consider the regular Zabuton if you meditate in a carpeted room or space with padded flooring, or if you travel frequently as it's lightweight and easily folds into quarters.


Size and weight:


3.5-4' of loft

3.5 lbs.


Organic Cotton Canvas: Black, Burgundy, Sage, Fern, Natural, Sweet Potato, Blue, and Light Navy.

Cotton Canvas: Purple

Raw Silk: Forest, Teal, Indigo (Purple). Please note that rather than being smooth and shinny, raw silk is soft and lightly textured. 

Benefits Of Wool:

Comfort: Wool adds loft for comfort and resilience for sitting in meditation. We feel wool is the ideal filling for a meditation pillow. Saints and rishis through the ages have recommended wool for the meditator for the insulation it provides from subtle energies emanating from the earth, which tend to hold consciousness down. It has been found that wool zabutons allow for greater circulation to keep the legs and feet from falling asleep.

Lightweight and durability: Wool fiber lasts longer than most other fiber because it has a natural crimp that acts like a spring, constantly flexing and returning to its original shape. It is lightweight, comfortable and resilient.

Eco-friendly: Our renewable eco-wool comes from small Northern California farms that raise sheep free-range without pesticides. It is washed and processed without harsh chemicals like bleach. The detergent used to clean the wool leaves behind no detectable residue and is biodegradable.


Made in the USA

Handmade in our family-owned shop in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California

100% money back guarantee

Product Care

To clean you may use washing machine with cool water. Dryer is fine, medium heat preferred. Washable Case only.

Please, DO NOT place the pillow insert in your washer! The fill is 100% wool and will become a felted mess!

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