How to Face Life’s Changes



"See God’s changeless beauty at the heart of change, and in every good thing.”

Paramhansa Yogananda


The Wisdom of Yogananda series, volume 9 by Paramhansa Yogananda

Changes come in life not to destroy us. They come, rather, to help us grow in understanding and to learn the lessons we must if we are to reach our highest potential. 

But how can we embrace change rather than resist its constant presence in our lives? How can we accept and face change with courage and faith when there is so much uncertainty in our world?


This volume will help you

  • Accept change as the reality of life
  • Face change in relationships, finances, and health with gratitude
  • Cultivate key attitudes like fearlessness, non-attachment, and willpower
  • Embrace the changes in our bodies with grace and strength
  • Acknowledge death as the “supreme change” in the physical body only 


Yogananda will help you tap into the changeless joy of your soul-nature, empowering you to move through life fearlessly and with an open heart.