Standing Meditation Bench


Our Standing Meditation Bench is perfect if you will be using the bench primarily in one place, like your own home. This non-folding meditation bench has beautiful Alder hardwood legs fixed upright and attached directly to a Birch plywood top, with a layer of foam and a layer of cotton batting underneath the cotton canvas or raw silk upholstery.

Consider pairing your bench with a wool-filled zabuton for ultimate comfort. Also, consider personalizing your meditation bench with carved legs, custom engraving or add both and save!

Made in the USA

Made in our family-owned shop in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California

100% money back guarantee
(Customized standing benches are non returnable.)

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Angled Leg

Regular: 5" in front and 6 1/4" back. Tall: 6" front 7 1/4" back

Bench Top

7" x 18"


Upholestry - Silk or cotton?

We generally recommend the cotton upholstery for its strength and durability. The beautiful raw silk upholstery gives the bench a softer, more "luxurious" feel. Silk has also been said to insulate the meditator from subtle energies from the Earth, helping the meditation stay focused and uplifted.


Benches - Folded or standing?

Generally our customers prefer the folding bench because of the convenience and portability it offers. The folding legs make it easy to slip the bench into a backpack and bring it to a group meditation or to simply tuck it into a closet when you're done meditating. While our folding meditation benches are stable and strong, some customers prefer our standing bench on which the legs don't move, adding an extra degree of stability. 


Legs - Tall or regular?

If you're 5'10" or taller, we typically recommend the tall bench. The tall bench is also ideal for customers with knee problems, causing less compression as you're further off the ground.