Swadisthana Meditation Set

The Swadisthana is the second chakra located just in front of the sacrum. Its energy is based on the element of water. Water is flowing, purifying, and adaptive to changing environments. The sacral chakra can act in the same way, allowing you to let go and to creativity and intuitively flow and respond to change.
Societies forms are being challenged and change seems all around us. It can be easy during this time to feel ungrounded and indecisive on how to respond and move forward. If you are feeling this way, this meditation set may be of service to you :)
This set includes:
~ 1 Regular Zabuton in Sweet Potato Organic Cotton
~ 1 Crescent Pillow in Sweet Potato Organic Cotton

Our Zabutons are handmade using the organic cotton. The eco-wool filling creates a light resilient cushion perfect for under a meditation pillow.

We recommend the regular Zabuton for those meditating in a carpeted room or space with padded flooring. It's ideal for traveling as it's lightweight and easily folds into quarters. 

Zabuton Size and weight:

2" of loft
2 lbs.

Our Crescent Cushions are shaped to support the upper leg for ultimate comfort. Our eco-wool filling provides for an extraordinary softness to help you ease into a deep meditation. Our wool filling is soft but firm enough to support excellent upright posture and healthy circulation during meditation. Other filling materials often feel hard or compress over time, whereas wool remains comfortable and resilient after years of use.

Crescent Sizeapproximately 13 inches font to back and 19 inches side to side

wool-filled: Soft and very resilient, with about 4 in. of loft when in use


Benefits of Wool:

Comfort: Wool adds loft for comfort and resilience for sitting in meditation. We feel wool is the ideal filling for a meditation pillow. Saints and rishis through the ages have recommended wool for the meditator for the insulation it provides from subtle energies emanating from the earth, which tend to hold consciousness down. It has been found that wool zabutons allow for greater circulation to keep the legs and feet from falling asleep.

Lightweight and durability: Wool fiber lasts longer than most other fiber because it has a natural crimp that acts like a spring, constantly flexing and returning to its original shape. It is lightweight, comfortable and resilient.

Eco-friendly: Our renewable eco-wool comes from small Northern California farms that raise sheep free-range without pesticides. It is washed and processed without harsh chemicals like bleach. The detergent used to clean the wool leaves behind no detectable residue and is biodegradable.

Made in the USA

Handmade in our family-owned shop in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California