Zafu Meditation Cushion


A Zafu is a great way to support your meditation practice. Find a supportive and comfortable foundation for meditation posture with our wool-filled Zafu Meditation Cushion. Firmer than our Crescent Meditation Pillows, our Zafu Cushions are covered with the same organic cotton or raw silk material that our Meditation Benches and Zabutons are covered with — order together for a matching set! 

When looking for a Zafu you want to keep a few things in mind. First the fabric should be comfortable but durable, so that you like sitting on it, but you also want your zafu to last a long time! The filling is where it gets really critical to get it right. Many zafus today either quickly condense in to a solid, heavy block (cotton and kapok fillings) or quickly breakdown to nothing (buckwheat-hull filling). Other zafu fillings (like solid bean or grain fillings) are simply just too hard to start with. What we need in a zafu is something that is comfortable and supportive to our meditation posture, while also being long-lasting and, if possible, also lightweight for easy transport.

This is where our wonderful filling of wool-batting comes in. It gives our zafu an incredibly supportive feel, while having plenty of cushion to keep you comfortable for long meditations. The wool filling will give you comfortable support to your meditation for many years and amazingly weighs less than half of a typical zafu available today! Wool is a resilient fiber so the cushion will keep its shape and loft for years to come.

Our Zafu Meditation Cushions are filled with eco-wool which provides great support for meditative posture while also providing a comfortable seat to let the meditator focus on the meditation practice. As an amazing perk, it will help keep your legs from falling asleep as the wool filling has enough give to it to let the blood keep flowing down to your feet.  Wool is also a breathable fiber to provide comfortable conditions for your posterior.

Dimensions: Our Zafu is approximately 6.5 inches high when uncompressed and has a diameter of 12.5 inches.

Light-weight: With approximately 2 lbs. of wool filling in our Zafu, it weighs less than HALF the weight of comparable pillows filled with kapok, cotton, or buckwheat. Our Zafu is a light-weight, durable cushion that will stay comfortable far longer than any other meditation cushion available.

Eco-friendly: Wool is a renewable resource and our eco-wool supports small farms that raise sheep free-range without pesticides. This wool is not processed with harsh chemicals, like other wool on the market today.

Made in the USA

Handmade in our family-owned shop in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California


To clean you may very gently spot clean with cold water and a mild soap and let air dry. For a deeper clean have your Zafu dry cleaned and let your cleaner know that the filling is wool. Please, DO NOT place in your washer! The fill is 100% wool and will become a felted mess!

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