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Zabuton with Wool Filling

  • Regular Zabutons - Silk
  • Regular Zabutons - Cotton.
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  • Meditating on a Regular Zabuton.

Product Description

Our Zabutons are hand made using the same fabrics as our meditation benches. The eco-wool filling creates a light resilient meditation cushion perfect for under a meditation bench or pillow. We recommend the regular Zabuton for those meditating in a room that is already carpeted or has some form of padded flooring. The Regular Zabuton is also perfect for those that will travel a lot with it since it is very light and easy to fold into quarters.  If you are meditating on a hard surface or have particular trouble with your ankles or knees we highly recommend our Deluxe Zabuton as it provides more padding for your knees and ankles.


Our Regular Zabuton is approximately 29" by 29" with 2" of loft and weighs approximately 2 pounds.

Zabuton Colors:

Left to Right: Cotton Colors: Black, Burgundy, Sage, Chocolate, Golden Wheat, Natural, Purple, Blue, Navy, Light Blue.

Silk Colors: Forest, Teal, Indigo (purple).

Benefits of Wool:

Aside from adding loft, comfort and resilience to the cushion, meditating on wool has been recommended by saints and rishis through the ages for it's quality of insulating the meditator from subtle energies emanating from the earth which tend to hold the consciousness down.

Our Zabutons are much lighter and more portable than others because of the wool filling we use.

One customer said "It is like sitting on a cloud!"

Made in the USA

Product Care

To clean you may very gently spot clean with cold water and a mild soap and let air dry. For a deeper clean have your pillow dry cleaned and let your cleaner know that the filling is wool.

Please, DO NOT place in your washer! The fill is 100% wool and will become a felted mess!

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