Meet the Team! is owned and operated by Ananda Woodworking, Inc., a family-run business located at Ananda Village, a cooperative spiritual community in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. was founded by Tim Kretzmann, a life-long meditator who lived at Ananda Village from 1978 until 2012 when he passed away after a battle with cancer. Tim lived a life of joy and service as he made quality products that his customers have enjoyed for 40 years. He also was an consummate storyteller, musician and actor! He used these talents to share laughter and inspiration with all. He was an excellent father and friend and had a peaceful and joyful nature.
Today is made up of a cheerful bunch of Tim’s friends and family who love meditating and want to help everyone make their meditation practice deeper, longer and more fruitful.
Tim's daughter Krishnabai, with her expansive spirit, brought in many of the products that we have to offer. In fact, it was Krishnabai starting in 2005 who designed all of our Meditation Pillows and Tote Bags. Father and daughter worked happily together as they developed the vision of helping people meditate more comfortably. She has a keen mind for business, is great with people, and has a very kind heart.
Though no longer dealing with any of the day to day activities, she still checks in regularly to see how everyone is, and offer support whenever needed.

Krishnabai meditates using a Crescent Meditation Cushion and a Deluxe Zabuton (both in Teal Raw Silk)

Peter Sanjaya has had many roles here at Even as a young boy he loved being in the woodshop with his father Tim. Upon his father's passing he took the lead of the company and helped it expand and thrive in it's new era. All the while his father's spirit of service and joy was kept at the forefront.
Today Peter serves behind the scenes. He helps some in the woodshop, maintains the website, and now serves in our online meditation support.

Peter has a Meditation Bench (in Navy cotton with tall, round legs) and a Crescent Meditation Pillow (Indigo Raw Silk). He uses either one on top of his raw silk Zabuton (Forest Green). In the cooler months he loves meditating using his Ahimsa Silk Shawl as well.

Jaya came to work for in 2015. She is originally from Argentina and brings her keen mind and big heart into everything she does. She took the helm of the company in 2018 and oversees all of the day to day operations. She is a joy to be around and always leads with friendship and kindness. Jaya's care and conscientiousness are evident in every aspect of the business.

Jaya uses her Meditation Bench (in Sage Organic Cotton) regularly and even had it made with custom legs, so that it fits her petite frame perfectly. She also uses a Crescent Meditation Pillow (in Forest Green Raw Silk) with a Zabuton (Natural). In her meditation practice she loves using her Jade and Pearl Mala.

Chris is a guiding hand in all things wood. As a custom guitar builder, he brings a level of expertise to the woodshop that is second to none! Over the years (since 2015) he has worked in the woodshop making bench legs and other various items. Now he looks after the woodshop and offers a helping hand wherever needed. More than anything he is friend to all and loves to laugh and include others in that sense of joy.
Chris meditates on one of our fine Meditation Benches (tall angled legs, Light Navy Organic Cotton) that he made out of curly maple wood because he's extra cool like that. :)
Nandadevi handles the majority of the sewing and upholstery needs, as well as some of the assembly of the benches. You can feel her calm, centered focus all through the shop, and is seldom seen without a smile. Like Jaya, Nandadevi also grew up in Argentina. The two of them have been friends for many years.

Nandadevi loves her Crescent Meditation Cushion (in Sage Organic Cotton) and uses it every day. She recently acquired a Deluxe Zabuton (Fern Cotton).

David has been our bench leg extraordinaire for a long while! He comes in on the weekend and makes sure we all well stocked for the week. Besides working with us, he is a magnificent builder. He finds joy in telling people stories... And even performing a few magic tricks! He's always game to have a good conversation and has a clever sense of humor, and a creative mind. A clever English man indeed!

David already had a Meditation Bench when he came to work with us, but he found that using it with a Zabuton was an excellent way to relieve some tension he was feeling in his ankles as he meditated. Now he's meditating much more comfortably!

Neha, our young and creative intern, is responsible for all the beautiful videos and many pictures you will see on our site, facebook, and Instagram. She attends our community’s High School: Living Wisdom School and this internship is part of her school program that helps students develop their area of interest and acquire experience in it. Neha has a knack for videography and plans to go to college to continue learning. Her creativity and laughter are great to have around!