Meditation Bench

Meditation Benches

Designed to help you sit comfortably in meditation

Meditation Benches create optimal postural alignment

Made by hand in Northern California since 1981

Meditation Pillows

A Meditation Pillow creates a stable and comfortable base for cross-legged position


Supports a more upright and balanced posture, facilitating deeper breathing and relaxation



Zabuton Cushions

Complete your meditation space with a Zabuton underneath your Meditation Bench or Meditation Pillow.

Our Zabutons are unique in that they provide optimal comfort due to their wool-filling. 

Your knees and ankles will thank you!

Zabuton Cushion

Ahimsa Silk Shawls

Cruelty-Free, Made by hand in India

All Natural Incense

Long Burn Time! Made by hand in India

Limited Edition Silk Bench

Silk has also been said to insulate the meditator from subtle energies from the Earth.

Beeswax Candles

Nontoxic, nonallergenic; clean burning and long burn time

Hand-crafted Malas

Highest quality stones with spiritual properties

Our Meditation Benches, Meditation Pillows and Zabutons are made by meditators for meditators. We have decades of experience meditating using the very products we sell. We only build and sell products that we use ourselves in our own meditation practices.

Each product is handmade by our team in Northern California.

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