Zafu- Meditation Cushion


A Zafu is a great way to support your meditation practice. Find a supportive and comfortable foundation for meditation posture with our kapok-filled Zafu Meditation Cushion. Firmer than our Crescent Meditation Pillows, our Zafu Cushions are covered with the same organic cotton that our Meditation Benches and Zabutons are covered with — order together for a matching set! 

Our zafu cushion provides a stable and comfortable base for sitting during meditation. Its elevated height and firm support help align the spine and promote a healthy posture, reducing the risk of discomfort or pain during prolonged meditation sessions. The round shape of a zafu cushion helps to tilt the pelvis forward, allowing the spine to properly align. This alignment supports a more upright and balanced posture, facilitating deeper breathing and relaxation. As an amazing perk, it will help keep your legs from falling asleep as the filling has enough give to it to let the blood keep flowing down to your feet!

Dimensions: Our Zafu is approximately 7 inches high when uncompressed and has a diameter of 15 inches.

Light-weight: Our Zafu is a light-weight, durable cushion that will stay comfortable far longer than any other meditation cushion available.

Eco-friendly: We prioritize using materials that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring a safe and healthy meditation experience. Kapok fibers is a natural fiber and considered hypoallergenic.

Made in the USA


To clean you may very gently spot clean with cold water and a mild soap and let air dry. Please, DO NOT put in your washer!

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