Crescent- Meditation Pillow


The ergonomic crescent shaped design is intended to help maintain the natural curve of the spine and provide support to the hips and lower back. This contour helps promote a more comfortable and aligned seated posture during meditation. Its versatility allows for a variety of sitting positions, including cross-legged, kneeling, or half-lotus. The cushions are often preferred by practitioners who favor a slightly higher seat or those who have tight hips or limited flexibility. Its wider base provides stability and prevents the cushion from shifting or rolling during meditation. This stability can be especially helpful for longer meditation sessions.

Our Crescent pillows are covered with the same cotton that we cover our Meditation Benches and Zabutons with — order together for a matching set!

Size: approximately 22"w x 8"h x 9"d

Light-weight: Our crescent is a light-weight, durable cushion that will stay comfortable far longer than any other meditation cushion available.

Eco-friendly: We prioritize using materials that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring a safe and healthy meditation experience. Kapok fibers is a natural fiber and considered hypoallergenic.

Made in the USA


To clean you may very gently spot clean with cold water and a mild soap and let air dry. Please, DO NOT place in your washer!

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