Meditation Pillows

Using a meditation pillow and zabuton
Try our meditation pillows for a light and luxurious feel
Designed to help you keep an optimal meditation posture and last a lifetime of meditations
Try our incredibly comfortable Zafu or Crescent Meditation Cushion today!
A meditation pillow helps you sit comfortably in a cross-legged position

Our meditation pillows are filled with wool to maintain comfort and loft throughout your meditation
Is the Crescent Pillow or the Zafu Meditation Cushion best for you?
The Zafu Cushion provides a bit more loft, while the Crescent offers some support under the thighs. Both meditation pillows are supremely comfortable and durable.
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Why use a wool-filled meditation pillow?
Wool is an amazing material that doesn't compact over time like cotton or kapok does. The wool fibers have a spring like quality that will keep your meditation pillow resilient and effective for many years. Our meditation pillows offer an un-paralleled comfort. Our meditation pillows and zabutons will help your legs not fall asleep because this amazing material lets your circulation flow!

Our Meditation Pillows are made by meditators for meditators. We have decades of experience meditating using the very products we sell. We only build and sell products that we use ourselves in our own meditation practices. Each Meditation Pillow, Zabuton, Meditation Bench and Tote Bag is made by hand in our facility in Northern California.

Pair your meditation pillow with a Zabuton! Our Zabuton completes your meditation space and provides excellent comfort, especially underneath your feet, ankles and knees.

Meditation Pillow and Zabuton sets get free shipping within the continental US!
Meditation pillow and zabuton