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Meditation Pillows

meditation-pillow.jpgMeditation pillows help you find correct posture in your meditation practice. They provide ample support to keep your spine upright, help you relax, and keep your feet and legs from falling asleep by opening up circulation.

Our Meditation Cushions are either covered with beautiful silk or cotton fabric and are filled with all-natural wool batting for ultimate comfort. Wool is an extraordinary filling for meditation cushions because it is lightweight and does not compress over time like cotton and kapok. Wool lasts longer than most other fillings because each wool fiber has a natural crimping action that works like a spring, constantly flexing then returning to its original shape.

Saints and rishis throughout the ages have recommended the use of wool during meditation because of its insulating quality that is said to block the meditator from subtle energies emanating from the earth which tend to hold the consciousness down.