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img-0139.jpgZabutons are designed to go underneath your meditation bench or cushion to make your meditation experience more comfortable. It is a wonderful way to help relieve pressure on your knees, ankles or feet while you meditate. With a zabuton, many people find that they can meditate far longer before needing to get up or shift their position.

Our silk or cotton-covered zabutons are filled with wool and are incredibly comfortable. Wool is an excellent filling for meditation cushions because it is lightweight and it will not compress over time like cotton and kapok will. It gives the meditator great support while remaining light and soft. In addition, wool will last longer than most other fillings because each wool fiber has a natural crimping action that works like a spring, constantly flexing and then returning to its original shape.

All of our Zabutons and Pillows are made in our family-owned shop in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California.