Meditation Benches

Meditation Bench
Meditation benches are designed to help you sit upright and relaxed for meditation

Meditation benches help relieve pressure on your knees and joints, enabling you to sit comfortably and focus on your meditation

Our meditation benches are built to last - from the organic cotton fabric, to the alder hardwood legs and the heavy-duty hinges
Meditation Bench

Our Meditation Benches are made by meditators for meditators. We have decades of experience meditating using the very products we sell. We only build and sell products that we use ourselves in our own meditation practices. Each Meditation Bench, Zabuton, Meditation Pillow, and Tote Bag is handmade by our team in Northern California.

Our alder hardwood meditation bench has a natural simplicity and beauty some meditators love
Our organic cotton tote bags are a very convenient way to carry any of our folding meditation benches
Our Pilgrim Bench is a smaller, lighter meditation bench - perfect for your pilgrimage around the world or to your favorite meditation retreat
Get your meditation bench upholstered with organic cotton for an eco-friendly bench

Personalize Your Meditation Bench!

Angled or rounded legs, which is better for your meditation bench?
The angled legs will give your meditation bench a more firm foundation as it keeps your bench at a fixed angle. The rounded legs give you the flexibility to have your meditation bench at whichever angle you choose.

Pair your Meditation Pillow with a Zabuton! Our Zabuton completes your meditation space and provides excellent comfort especially underneath your feet, ankles and knees.

Meditation Bench and Zabuton sets get free shipping within the continental US!