A Zabuton is a square meditation cushion that goes underneath your Meditation Benchor Meditaiton Pillow to give you a far more comfortable meditation experience and increase the length of your meditation time. It has been found that wool zabutons allow for greater circulation to keep the legs and feet from falling asleep.

With two layers of wool filling, our Deluxe Zabuton provides ultimate comfort in meditation, feeling as if you were meditating on a cloud!



Saints and rishis through the ages have recommended wool for the meditator for the insulation it provides from subtle energies emanating from the earth, which tend to hold consciousness down. 

Meditate Comfortably with a Zabuton!

A Zabuton provides fantastic cushioning beneath your ankles and knees

Meditation on Zabuton
Why use a wool-filled Zabuton?

Wool is an amazing material that doesn't compact over time like other zabuton fillings. The wool fibers maintain their cushion over time, keeping your Zabuton resilient and comfortable for many years.


This soft yet supportive material, improves circulation flow while meditating to prevent your legs from falling asleep. 

kitty on a zabuton

Sometimes our furry friends take a liking to our Zabutons, so it can be really helpful to have the removable, washable, zippered cover!

zabuton with zipper

Our Zabutons are made by meditators for meditators. We have decades of experience meditating using the very products we sell. We only build and sell products that we use ourselves in our own meditation practices. Each Zabuton is handmade by our team in Northern California.