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What makes a good Zafu?

Posted by Peter Sanjaya on 13th Dec 2021

A Zafu is a circular meditation cushion that helps the meditator maintain a good posture during their meditation practices. But there are many different types of zafus available, so the question th … read more

More ways to use a Zafu Cushion

Posted by Peter Sanjaya on 19th Mar 2021

Who knew there were so many ways to use a zafu cushion? You can of course use the cushion to support you in your meditation practice, but recently our good friend Satyana showed us lots of ways to use … read more

What do I need to start my meditation practice?

Posted by Peter Sanjaya on 9th Nov 2020

Once you find a technique that resonates with you and you find effective, you may start looking at products to help make the experience more comfortable. It's true you don't actually need any special … read more