Ahimsa Silk Shawl- Colored


Our beautiful Ahimsa Silk Meditation Shawl has a soft texture and a natural feel. This simple silk shawl has has beautiful look perfect for a meditation shawl. Both silk and wool are said to have an energetically insulating properties which can be a great help for the meditator. No bleach is used in the production of these Ahimsa Silk Shawls, so there is some beautiful texture to the color in these handmade shawls.

These vibrantly colored shawls are a slightly different weave than our natural Ahimsa Silk shawl, but are made with the same process of letting the silk moth leave its cocoon before using the fibers to weave the silk fabric. Our ahimsa silk shawls are a cruelty-free fabric.

"Ahimsa" means non-violence in Sanskrit. Ahimsa is an ancient practice of not harming any living creature, from human beings to the simplest of Earth's creatures. It means non-aggression, not only in action but even in thought. Made in this state of non-aggression, this shawl carries a powerful, peaceful vibration, reminding the meditator to seek peace during meditation.

Mahatma Gandhi used the principles of Ahimsa when protesting British occupation in India, and advocated homespun fabrics and self-reliance for Indians. These Ahimsa silk shawls are made in Indian villages, providing year-round work for local residents, helping them stay in their villages with their families, rather than having to seek work in the already crowded cities. Additionally, women workers are empowered with their own income.

100% silk. No bleach is used on our fabric. 

These beautiful shawls measure 41" x 80"

Made by hand in India

Hand wash in cool water with a small amount of gentle soap. Make sureto thoroughly mix the soap into the water before washing the shawl. Lay flat to dry. You can roll your shawl in between two towels to press some of the water out of it to help it dry more quickly. Please note; any scrubbing will lead to pilling. Ahimsa silk fabric will change its appearance over time with washing - it becomes softer and has less of a sheen. If you want to keep the original sheen it is best to have it professionally dry cleaned.