Beeswax Tealights

$10.50 - $23.95

Enjoy the natural, sweet, honey fragrance infused straight from the hive into the wax with our signature tea lights! These pure beeswax tealight candles are hand-poured into clear, high-heat polycarbonate holders for maximum glow and safety.

6 candles per pack
Burn time per candle: 5 hours
Made with 100% natural beeswax

Qualities of 100% natural beeswax:

  • Least processed and purest of all candle waxes
  • Renewable resource and a product of the sustainable industry of beekeeping
  • Nontoxic, nonallergenic; clean burning and soot-free
  • Improve air quality while burning by eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air we breathe by releasing negative ions
  • No paraffin - the highly processed petroleum by-product that is unhealthy to burn and is bleached, hardened and artificially scented to render it for candlemaking
  • Exceptionally long burn times due to the high melting and burning temperatures of beeswax
  • Beeswax candles produce natural light, as their golden flames glow with the same spectrum of light as the sun