Extra Set of Bench Legs

Usually ships in within 24 hours

If you're unsure of what bench size or style is right for you, try our extra set of legs to ensure a comfortable fit. Our extra bench legs are easy to install on any of our folding benches that have hinges with four screws, as pictured above. If your hinges only have three holes on each side, then please note that in your order.

If you find that a recently purchased bench is not the right size for you, you can order a new set of legs and return your current legs for a refund of the $19.50 purchase price.

Legs come pre-drilled to fit our hinges for simple reassembly.


Angled Leg

Regular: 5" in front, 6.25" back
Tall: 6" in front, 7.25" in back

Round Leg

Regular: 5.625" at tallest point
Tall: 6.5" at tallest point

Custom Legs

To order custom legs, please call us at 800-515-3294. If you're looking for taller legs, you can add up to 1" of height to the tall round legs and the legs will still fold flat on your bench. Adding any height to the tall angled legs will make them overlap when folded. It is fine for the legs to overlap when folded, but some people prefer to have a wider top instead.

Please note that all custom orders are non refundable.

Made in the USA

Made in our family-owned shop in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California

100% money back guarantee