Kapha - Natural Hand-made Incense


A special blend of flowers, roots, herbs and spices for a delightful healing aroma. Kapha nature is earthy. Feelings of dullness, lethargy and stagnation are associated with kapha imbalance. The spicy and light aroma of kapha incense encourages a shift in energy towards vigor and vitality. 

This all-natural incense is made from pure ingredients. We've been amazed with the quality of the fragrances and we think you will too. Even some of those that are sensitive to other cheaper (chemically produced) incense may find that there is no sensitivity to this lovely incense. 

Incense comes in packs of one dozen sticks. Each stick has a burn time of over 1 hour. Contains no toxic/synthetic substances.

The manufacturer has given jobs to many previously impoverished women and donates 20% of their proceeds to a charity school. It is truly a beautiful cause to support. 


Made by hand in India.


Please note that Lemongrass incense may be shipped with the clear packaging rather than the green paper packaging.