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Ahimsa Silk Shawl - Natural

  • Ahimsa Silk Shawls
  • Natural Ahimsa Silk Shawl

Product Description

Ahimsa Silk is produced after the silk moth has left its cocoon making it a cruelty-free fabric. 

The term Ahimsa is a sanskrit word meaning non-violence. It refers to an ancient practice of not harming any living creature, from other human beings to the simplest of Earth's creatures. It speaks also of a state of complete non-aggression, not only in actions but even in thought. As this shawl is made in that spirit of non-aggression, it serves as a powerful reminder to the meditator of the peaceful state of mind sought in meditation. Perhaps it even carries a vibration of peace that can even help us still the mind and focus on our meditation practice.

Mahatma Gandhi used the principles of Ahimsa in his protest of British occupation in India. He also was a proponent of homespun fabrics and keeping Indians self-reliant. Staying true to that model, these Ahimsa silk shawls are made in villages in India giving work to the local residents there. The villagers are then able to stay in their villages year round rather than having to go to the cities to find work. It is also empowering to women in the villages as they can have their own income from the jobs created by the production of the shawls. 

No bleach is used on our fabric.

This beautiful large shawl measures 47" x 78".

Please note: our Ahimsa Silk shawl is now only available in the natural color.

Product Care

Hand wash in cool water with a small amount of gentle soap. Make sureto thoroughly mix the soap into the water before washing the shawl. Lay flat to dry. You can roll your shawl in between two towels to press some of the water out of it to help it dry more quickly. Please note; any scrubbing will lead to pilling.

Ahimsa silk fabric will change its appearance over time with washing - it becomes softer and has less of a sheen. If you want to keep the original sheen it is best to have it professionally dry cleaned.

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