Embrace your Uniqueness

Embrace your Uniqueness

Posted by Gitabai Heater on 2nd Nov 2019

My spiritual teacher, Swami Kriyananda has said, “There is in each of us a special song to be sung.” From an early age, we intuitively try not to be different or unique. We want to fit into our peer group, fulfill our parent’s aspirations for us, and conform to society’s norms. Eventually, we come to a time in our lives where a deep yearning wells up inside, compelling us to find our singular purpose in this world.

For me, the material world could not satisfy this longing because my individual path was spiritual. My answer was revealed in meditation through my connection with Paramhansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi," and his unconditional love. When I am at a crossroads, I turn to this love to find my unique direction.

Swami Kriyananda said, “No one will ever be able to sing the song that the Infinite has given you to sing” and this is what we are here to discover. Strive to discover your individual song, embrace your uniqueness and create an exceptional life that will ultimately satisfy the deepest parts of your soul.