Extraordinary Times Ask Us to Change Extraordinarily

Extraordinary Times Ask Us to Change Extraordinarily

Posted by Nandadevi Traymar on 4th Sep 2020

A group of friends from India recently shared a video with this wonderful quote as the prelude to an online event. Change seems to be the underlying theme of the current times. In such a short period of time, human beings all over the planet have had to adjust to a new way of living, and most of us are still adjusting, we are still learning. Above all, it seems that these times are calling us, if not screaming, for us to be more compassionate, to care for others, to listen, to change our priorities.

So many of us, who have a practice of meditation, whether it is longstanding or recent, have felt deeply grateful for the opportunity to invest our time and energy in a practice that helps us achieve the inner peace that the world lacks. And we hope that you too have found a practice (whether it is meditation, being in nature, or finding time to go within) that helps you to dwell in your higher Self, and bring forth those qualities that will make your life a heaven on earth.

We hope that our products helps you find more ways to stay inspired, go deeper in your practices, and feel the blessings of the great Ones.