Let your Love Light the World

Let your Love Light the World

Posted by Nandadevi Traymar on 23rd May 2020

It happens often in our lives that we ourselves, or someone we know of, need healing. But most of us, living at this moment in time, have never experienced a circumstance where healing is a worldwide needs. And it isn’t only healing on the physical plane that is so critical right now, but healing of mental and emotional order.

Many of us have been confronted with a sense of “something else missing” in our lives that comes back again and again with persistence during isolation. And this feeling can create frustration, uneasiness, discomfort with life, with ourselves, and with others around us that are facing similar challenges too. And yet, we know from a spiritual point of view that everything that happens in life has a very good purpose. To help us grow and have a greater understanding of ourselves and of others, to become a better, higher, more refined version of whom we can be.

However, we need help. It isn’t easy to achieve understanding and overcoming challenges without the aid of tools that can help us. So we thought we’d share one special tool that has been most meaningful for us now, and that maybe you as well have been practicing – Healing Prayers.

While praying for others with intention (especially if done together – in the “spirit” of doing something together – with a group of people) has the tremendous benefit to bring about a healing of some kind, it has a collateral benefit as well, just as powerful. Praying for others, help us get out of the delusion that we are the only ones that matter. It helps us realize even if just on a subconscious level, that we are part of a greater reality, and that the wellbeing of the whole world, is also my wellbeing.

We invite you to “come together” in spirit with us and join us in praying for the physical, mental, emotional and karmic healing of the world. Whether you have your own healing practices or would like to use the ones we are sharing here with you, join us in a wave of positive, uplifting healing for all!

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