Meditation Basics: Why Meditate?

Posted by Meera Grace Hoon and Peter Kretzmann on 14th Jan 2015

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps calm the body and mind. Its benefits are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To achieve these benefits and find inner peace, the meditator tries to still the body and mind, often by focusing on the breath.

People want to find inner peace for a variety of reasons, and therefore approach meditation in a number of different ways. Many people meditate to reduce stress, while others meditate to increase focus. You might want to let go of stress due to a long day at work, a busy day with your children, a heavy workload at school or an overwhelming schedule. Or maybe you’re an athlete wanting to amplify your focus and stamina, an artist yearning for inspiration, a writer longing for flowing creativity, or a businessperson striving for clarity and motivation. Meditation can help achieve all of this!

Many people also meditate to solve their problems. Perhaps you’re facing a struggle that is causing your mind to race with reasons why this issue exists and possible solutions. Meditation will help these incessant thoughts melt away and guide you to one real solution or truth. This solution is revealed when you find peace of mind. Peace of mind is worth far more than its face value; it can lead us to deep inner truth and cultivate clarity. Clarity inspires us to live from intuition, a place of centeredness and balance. Tuning into our truth and connecting with our center helps us find answers to our problems or internal struggles. Meditation is how we find the answers that lie within!

We are here to help you achieve whatever your goal is in meditation. Our meditation pillows or meditation benches will assist you in easing into a comfortable meditation position, and our other products like incense and beeswax candles help create a calm environment for a peaceful meditation. Our blogs aim to offer inspiration, assistance and answers to questions you have about meditation. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what inspires you to meditate! We encourage you to write your answer in a comment on this post. Joy to you!

Here's a video interview with a longtime meditator on how meditation helps him find balance. Enjoy!

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