Online Meditation

Online Meditation

Posted by Peter Sanjaya Kretzmann on 13th Aug 2020

When my dad got the domain in the late 90s, the first site built by a friend was a single page. He had been making meditation benches for almost 20 years at that point but he was selling them wholesale to new age bookstores and retreat centers. On that first page, there wasn’t even a way to pay online! This was still the early days of the internet and eCommerce was just coming in. A handful of people each month would mail in checks and wait for their bench in the mail. By 2002 Ecommerce was more trusted and available and I had rebuilt the website and we had the ability to accept credit cards online! With that, the sales began to grow. What had been a sideline business for my father, became a full-time endeavor of love.

My sister Krishnabai added the meditation cushions and tote bags in the mid-2000s and continued to grow. There have been multiple website rebuilds over the years, we started selling on Amazon, and now Etsy too! In 2014 we added on to our facility as we’d outgrown our space.

Today in 2020 we find ourselves in very strange times. It occurred to us here that it was a natural time for us to take the next step. We’re starting now to offer meditation online! For many years has been a resource for meditation gear, but now we are offering ourselves as a resource for the meditation practice itself. We’re starting with one-on-one sessions for instruction or guidance in different aspects of meditation. These meditation sessions can be self-determined, meaning that you can share with us what you’re needing to help your practice get started or go deeper. We have many years of meditation practice and a number of Certified Meditation Teachers available. I hope we can be of service to your meditation practice!

Happy Meditating!