"Tips for Keeping Calm During Challenging Times"

"Tips for Keeping Calm During Challenging Times"

23rd Mar 2020

Whether you are new to meditation or a regular meditator, we thought you could benefit from these three practical meditative activities that can help you deepen your practice or serve as a tool to quickly bring you back to center if you catch yourself going into fear or any negative state, or to shift the energy if you are already there.

Here are three meditative activities that can help you:

1- Breathing. Do a simple breathing technique like "equal count breathing": inhale to a count that is comfortable for you, for example to a count of 4, hold the breath for the same count, and exhale for the same count. All through the nose. Do as many as you feel necessary. When we concentrate on something, your mind becomes calmer, which induces calmer breathing, which in turn enables your mind to concentrate better.

2- Visualizations. They help you clarify and expand your mind. Use visualizations to uplift and expand your awareness, and ultimately immerse yourself in a desired state of consciousness. Click here to follow a guided visualization.

3- Affirmations. An affirmation s a statement in the present time and positive. Affirmation isn’t wishful thinking or denial; research has proved that anything you do repeatedly—including affirmations—changes brain structure and function. So, you can find any affirmation that represents what you need at any given moment or even makes your own.

Click Here to listen to a short guided breathing technique with a guided affirmation on perfect health.

If you don’t have it already, it will help you to find a place at home, even if it’s a corner where you can go to practice these activities. Having a designated place will help you to create a vibration that will induce stillness. If you have children this could be a shared space for everyone in the home who needs some quiet time. Add to your place of stillness things that inspire you like candles, pictures or flowers.

One more thing!

If you are interested in learning how to meditate or deepen your practice, here is a 3-week course, by our very own, Peter Kretzmann co-owner of

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