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What is third eye meditation?

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In this first of two installments on third eye meditation, we’d like share with you what happens when you concentrate on the third eye during meditation. In the next installment, we’ll share specific techniques to help guide you through your third eye meditation.

Our third eye is the point between our eyebrows and is a place where we can tap into higher consciousness. It’s also known as the spiritual eye and is our sixth of seven chakras. The chakras are energy centers in the subtle body. They start at the base of our spine and end above the third eye at the crown chakra.

Energy is constantly moving through our subtle body. When we concentrate on our third eye in meditation, we are bringing energy from elsewhere to this high point. When we raise our energy, we raise our awareness, or our consciousness.

To live in higher consciousness, we must live with higher energy. This doesn’t mean that our energy needs to be highly active. Rather, our energy needs to be held at higher points on our subtle energy body to experience higher consciousness. This is why third eye meditation is so powerful and important.

Third eye meditation is one of the most widely used meditation techniques. It is included in many types of meditation across the world. In addition to raising our consciousness, concentrating on the third eye during meditation shifts brain activity from our limbic system, at the base of the brain, to the prefrontal lobes, located in the front of the brain where the third eye also lives.

The limbic system is where our instinct for fight or flight exists, and is the center from which we control our reactions. It is a more animalistic in nature than the front of the brain. By concentrating our energy at the third eye where the prefrontal lobes exist, we can improve our levels of compassion, empathy, humor and overall sense of wellbeing. This shift of energy and awareness to the prefrontal lobes can lower our mental-emotional stress levels and even refine our personality as we begin to see everyone and everything as part of our expanded reality.

Third eye meditation will start changing the brain’s physical structure after as little as a few days and will dramatically change the brain after several months. These physical and energetic shifts in the brain profoundly and fundamentally change the way we relate to the world. We are able to see everything, including our own thoughts and feelings, with a much broader perspective.

We encourage you to make meditation a regular practice to start experiencing these powerful results. As always, please let us know how we can further help you in your meditation practice. Happy meditating!

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