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Meditation Pillows

Meditating with a Zabuton and Crescent CushionOur silk and cotton-covered Meditation Cushions are filled with all natural wool batting which makes them very comfortable. We find that wool is a wonderful filling to use for meditation cushions because it is light weight and it will not compress over time like cotton and kapok will. It gives the user great support while remaining light and soft. In addition, wool will last longer than most other fillings because each wool fiber has a natural crimping action that works like a spring, constantly flexing and then returning to its original shape.

Our eco-wool comes from small farms in Northern California. The wool produced is routinely checked for traces of pesticides and herbicides. It is washed and processed without bleach or other harsh chemicals. The detergent used to clean the wool leaves behind no detectable residue and is biodegradable.

In addition to the comfort benefits of sitting on wool, it has been recommended by saints and rishis through the ages for it's quality of insulating the meditator from subtle energies emanating from the earth which tend to hold the consciousness down.